Value-Added Char Products

Cold Smoked Char

Cold smoked fillets have a firm texture and a distinctive smoke aroma and flavour. They are first cured with salt, yellow sugar, herbs and spices. The fillets are then smoked for several hours in an oven temperature that never exceeds 98 degrees F. The final product is moist and tender and resembles salmon lox. Cold smoked char are available as fillets and slices, vacuum-sealed in bags and then frozen.

Hot Smoked Char

Hot smoked char are first cured with salt and yellow sugar before they are cooked. The fillets cook and smoke at the same time for several hours in an over temperature above 145 degrees F. The final product is firm and has a pleasant but not overpowering flavour. Hot smoked char are available in various sized portions, vacuum-sealed in bags and then frozen.

Also available as a specialty item is smoked Arctic Char in a retort foil package. This vacuum-sealed package is similar to canning and therefore, no refrigeration is necessary. Inside is a delicious fillet ready to be served with no preparation needed.

Truly Wild Arctic Char Jerky

Truly Wild Arctic Char Jerky is seasoned, naturally smoked and then dried. The unique product has a very distinct smoke flavour and is very well received by purchasers. Each 28 g / 1 oz single serving is individually vacuum-packaged to preserve its fresh flavour and aroma.

Candied Char

Candied Arctic Char is a tasty treat enjoyed by generations of Inuit and now consumers everywhere.  Dry smoked and sweetened with our house blend of spice and sugars, these bite-sized chunks are great for a snack on the go or afternoon outdoors.