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Country food for all of Nunavut

Kivalliq Arctic Foods on solid ground as new product released


A renewed focus on the Nunavut market is proving itself to be a solid business move by the Rankin Inlet-b

Kivalliq Arctic Foods puts Igloolik char on Nunavut store shelves

Rankin Inlet-based processor offers winter-caught char filets and pipsi

Arctic char lovers in Nunavut can look forward to finding various cuts of fish from the Igloolik area, thanks to a 1

Rankin Inlet meat and fish plant says local demand on the rise

"Country food is delicious"

RANKIN INLET — It’s a menu that will make your mouth water: caribou mikku, quaq, hot and cold smoked Arctic char, pipsi and candy nuggets.

Kivalliq Arctic Foods enjoys profits, pickling

Welcome to the birthplace of caribou jerky

RANKIN INLET - Brian Schindel has an experiment he's been keeping in one of the huge walk-in refrigerators at Kivalliq Arctic Foods.

The business of Arctic char fishing in Nunavut

Even north of the Arctic Circle, the business of producing food is real business

Tasting North: The Universal char

Rankin Inlet’s Kivalliq Arctic Food blends tradition with innovation.

My stepmother, Alexina Kublu, comes from Igloolik, where she recalls feasting on fresh-caught Arctic char as a child.

Do This: Wild Arctic Char Dinner at Kith & Kin (Chicago)

Cambridge Bay wild arctic char is one of the most prized seafood species in the world.