Purchasing Truly Wild Arctic Char

Kitikmeot Foods

Kitikmeot Foods Limited operated in Cambridge Bay and distributes products to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Western Canada, including fresh fish sales to Vancouver. Kitikmeot also produces value-added char products.

General Manager, Stephane Lacasse

Tel: 867-983-2881
Fax: 867-983-2801
Email: kitikmeot@qiniq.com

Kivalliq Arctic Foods

Operating in Rankin Inlet since 1992, Kivalliq Arctic Foods prepares Arctic Char for distribution nationally and internationally. It is certified both federally and through the European Union.

General Manager: Todd Johnson

Tel: 867-645-3137
Fax: 867-645-3467
Email: tundra@qiniq.com

Pangnirtung Fisheries

This fish processing plant is located in Pangnirtung, and distributes whole dress or quick frozen fillets regionally, nationally and internationally, mainly in the Boston area.

General Manager: Michael Neumann

Tel: 867-473-8322
Fax: 867-473-8323
Email: pangfish@qiniq.com


CleanFish distributes sustainable, healthy and wild fish and seafood products internationally. Truly Wild Arctic Char recently became CleanFish Certified and is now available through the distributor.


Kivalliq Arctic Foods Ltd

*Muskox retailer only for Nunavut as we cannot ship outside the territory
Box 329
Rankin Inlet, NU
tel 867 645 3137
f 867 645 3467
email tundra@qiniq.com